Chit Chat

Happy 10th Anniversary!

Today’s post is not about crafts but about the man who encourages me, enables my habit, and just accepts that he has lost a room so I can store my paper in it. LoL  I am talking about my husband.  I am so lucky to have married my best friend ten years ago today. Has it always been peaches and cream? Oh no!  There have been times when we talked about throwing the towel in and going our own ways. BUT… we didn’t. Instead we found a way to work through the differences which only strengthened our relationship more.  Mike has been my rock when I needed him to be; has allowed me to vent as needed; but most important, Mike has loved me when I thought I could not love myself. He has accepted me at my best and always loved me at my worst. I could not have picked a better life partner than this man. I am forever grateful that our paths kept passing ever since high school (yes, we even went to the same high school, however ran in different circles). Mike, I loved you the day we married, but I love you even more today.  May we always be as blessed as we have been. Through it all- you are my one and only.  Happy Anniversary, Handsome.


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