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Sometimes you just want….

to give up, however you keep on anyhow. I don’t follow the daily stats of my site, or even the weekly as I know that having a huge following is not what I am after. So what am I wanting then? I guess it is simply to have a group of people who share the same passion for crafting, photography, and life as I do. People who believe that life is better through sharing our strengths with one another. People who lift one another up; encourage to be the best person we can be; who are there to help you when you can’t seem to find your mojo at the time; etc.  It’s not easy falling victim to the *I only had one visitor this week* attitude at times though.  But I will not give up. You know why?   Because I love what I do, and I know I am capable of sharing my passion with others. 🙂   It’s been a month, and I have managed to blog twce a week as I said I would.  That in itself is a step in the right direction. I know I need better content, and am working on that. Just had to get in the habit of blogging the two days a week I said I would. So, I am doing all right. Would you not think so too? I am not feeling sorry for myself. No, instead this is a self encouragement reminder that I can do this, and will do it! Therefore, more fun ahead!

Thank you for allowing me a moment to say these words….. 🙂
Have a beautiful day!!


Hugs and Blessings,


2 thoughts on “Sometimes you just want….”

    1. Thank you. I was reading on Facebook (in a group I belong to) and so many were feeling discouraged abut their own blogs. SO I basically quoted what I put here- don’t give up 🙂


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