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Happy 2019!

Hello Crafty Friends,

Hope that the last few weeks of 2018 have not been too hectic for you. I know I have been silent lately, and to be honest, not much crafting going on. I personally just have not had the time. And you know what? I am actually okay with that. I have enjoyed taking this time away from the pressure of feeling like I had to create, blog, post, etc to experience living again. In the past year, I have gone through a lot- and most I will never blog about here- but I also kept crafting. I often failed to remember that I too needed time to just be me. SO, I took ALL of December to do just that.

Went on a short cruise to the Bahamas with Mike and my cousin, Dave. Had a great time with the church family for our Living Nativity. Christmas was amazing. Scored terrific seats to the Russian Ballet’s  *The Nutcracker*. Yes, I once again started doing the things I have been putting on hold for a while now.

Now on to the real reason most come to my page- crafting. 🙂  I will start sharing creations again January 2019. So this week!  Are you ready? Stay tuned for more to come….

And HAPPY NEW YEAR to all.

Hugs and Blessings,


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Wishing You Well During the Hurricane

Hello Crafty Friends,

Today was a day I shall not forget for some time to come. Hurricane Michael tore through a place that is very dear to me and to this day, I still have family and friends there. Hurricane Michael made landfall this afternoon near Mexico Beach, Florida as a Cat 4 storm just barely below Cat 5 strength. Panama City has never had such a devastating storm hit the area, and nothing like it in the last 100 years. The news has hit home today/ tonight as I watch live feeds of friends to those released by the many news sources to even the ones shared by those affected by this storm. Why is this area so dear to me? My mother, who I lost suddenly little over a year ago, was born and raised there. I have spent many, many visits to the quaint beach towns that dot this stunning coastline of the panhandle of Florida. As a child, we even lived in Fort Walton Beach when Daddy was stationed at an Air Force base there, and often we would travel to PC to see Mom’s family. How I loved those times. It was heart wrenching to see so many places I hold cherished memories of being damaged by nature’s wrath. I do know that with time, many will rebuild, replace, and move forward, and some will be a loss to us forever. I pray for all affected by Hurricane Michael. (Ironically, the storm would share a name with my husband, who Mom called her favorite/ least favorite son-in-law. Now he was her only son-in-law! lol) And the storm would make such an impact on her hometown. Ironic? Yes, it is. 

Anyhow, as I watched the news off and on this afternoon, as we only had rain and some wind here today, I pulled out my Julie Nutting doll stamps and picked out one that I have not used in some time. I needed a card for someone who recently fell and fractured her hip. Mike’s mom, or as I call her my monster in law, underwent surgery yesterday for this fracture, and last I knew, was doing as well as could be. She lives locally, as in less than 2 miles from us. (She did not in the beginning, which was wonderful. I miss her being 30-45 minutes away. Right down the road is not fun!!!) I may not like the lady, however I do not wish her harm. I created this card using some FSJ products mixed with whatever else I had in my stash. My goal is to try to use up some of my disposable supplies and replace after. 🙂 We shall see how well it goes.

I created the card as a Tall & Skinny card, and since I am mailing it, I kept it fairly *flat*. 


I also created a matching envelope using a business sized envelope I had on hand.




I stamped the *Nicki* doll on a Julie Nutting watercolor tag in Simon Says Stamp black, and then used my alcohol markers to color her. I then masked her and using Distressed Oxide inks, blended a cheerful background. ( Colors used: Squeezed Lemonade, Mustard Seed, Old Paper, and Twisted Citron). Before removing the mask, I used the preadolescent water-color white (Pearl) to splatter some paint over the tag. Adhered a retired print pattern from FSJ on to a base card in Haystack (FSJ). Before adhering the tag to panel, I added some Beach Ball twine (FSJ) and a Vellum panel wrapped around bottom. On the vellum, I used  the sentiment *Wishing You Well*, stamped in clear embossing ink, and heat embossed with Black embossing powder (FSJ). Placed tag on card base, and added some iridescent sequins I have in my stash. I then decided that I needed a little more shimmer, so I used my Clear AquaShimmer pen over her dress, headband, and shoes. Used a white gel pen to add some highlights to her hair and called it done. 

Hope you all liked this card. I must say I do like it, even if I have to send it to someone I am not fond over. May she find some cheerfulness in it, and may she have a smooth and quick recovery.

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time…. happy crafting.

Hugs and Blessings,

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Life Lately…

Hello Everyone,

Although life has had it many ups and downs lately, I have kept looking forward. A lot of people have made many negative comments have been stated since the news broke regarding FSJ. I refuse to get drawn into that drama. I have my own emotions about it, and instead of allowing them to bring me down, I am eagerly looking forward to the future. Plus it’s healthier to be positive than negative.

Speaking of health, since that monthly call’s news, I have had more time to work on me, which also includes some, no, a lot of, extra weight I have put on since my parents’ passing and my husband’s back injury. I am happy to report that in these two weeks, I am down ten pounds.  I know I will slow down some soon, but it’s a start. Not to mention I did not put it all on over night, but took roughly six to seven years to do so. Then a couple of years before that I had added a little extra weight but nothing like these days! And I finally have Mike on board and he too is down ten or so pounds.  So even in the darkness, light still shines. 🙂  Now to work in more activity again as soon as this Achilles tendon is healed up. Yay! I can’t wait.

I did go to my craft house the other day and played with some products I have that I have not had time to create with. Just played. My son was there and put in his two cents on a couple of the cards. I did not take photos of those creations as we were just having fun. To be honest, I was trying to find my creative mojo again. Seems to have left me for the moment. 😦

Anyhow that is basically where I am at this point. I have not made a forma decision about FSJ/Spellbinders yet. I need to wait to see how it will be once they grant us access to our part of the site. That won’t be until mid-month. so until then, I am just taking it day by day.

Hope you are all having a delightful Friday!   I am off to clean some and then see what else I can get into for the day. It is still quite hot out so an afternoon at the park may not happen today.

Hugs and Blessings,

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Not Only Seasons Change

Today is the second morning after the news we received Thursday night during FSJ’s monthly web meeting. So much to take in. So much to think over. And so many emotions from not only myself but also those I have come to admire and call friends. Let me start from the beginning…

Thursday evening instead of our usual meeting, our CEO, Greg Tipscord led the meeting with some shocking news to many. FSJ will NO longer be a Direct Sales Marketing Company effective 1 November 2018, but will convert to a Hybrid Retail model. The company has partnered with Spellbinders (who shares the same investor group RAF) and will soon have a combined online site etc. I am still processing some of the information, and do not wish to put out inaccurate news, so I am not revealing everything until I fully understand my stance on this current situation.

What I can say is that effective 1 November 2018, my shop links WILL NO LONGER be live. Effective 1 November 2018, the current catalog we have will STILL be active, with some changes. The printed copy will be used still,  yet there will be information in it that is no longer current (Such as Bloom Benefits, Bloom Box, Start Up Kits, etc).

However, on a happier note, effective 1 November 2018, I will have creative freedom to combine and promote ANY product other than FSJ, as my contract with them will no longer be valid. I joined FSJ before the company launched officially in 2014, and have watched it grow and seen many changes, as most companies experience. Some I’ve liked and others not so much. Just like with other companies, you adapt as needed to move forward. I was considered a Founding Coach, and have loved my time with FSJ, and hoped to see the company go further. Now I have a huge decision weighing on my shoulders as where do I go from here. I do know I will always create, and in a lot of ways, I am looking forward to the new freedom in front of me. I LOVE FSJ products! I truly do, however I also enjoy crafting with other brands etc. ( I believe many of us are that way too)

On this note, the next few weeks, I may not be blogging as I had hoped. I have a lot to sort through, as well as redesign some company branding images. I am proud to have been (And still am as of this posting) a Fun Stampers Journey Independent Coach. I am honored to have been part of this awesome company. Tonight I will leave it in God’s hands and see where my path takes me. Who knows, now may be my time to venture out on my own and make a name for myself. 🙂

Thanks for being understanding as I go through some changes in my crafting life- and too think the seasons just changed too- from summer to fall/autumn. Seasons not only change, but we do too. As well as so much around us. It helps us grow; if we let it.

Have a great weekend, and I will be back next week with an update of what is going on.

Hugs and Blessings,

It’s not just ink on paper; it’s the passion too!

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I’ve been quiet…


Hello Crafty Friends,


So, apparently when I set my posts up last week, I messed up the schedule dates. However, this is a good thing.  Gives me a chance to pop in and give you a quick heads up that FSJ is making some major changes beginning 1 Nov, 2019. I cannot go into detail just yet. As I gather more information and learn more of how it will affect not only me but also my customers, I will be sure to keep you all updated. 🙂 I will say that with this change I will have more creative freedom, and I am excited about that!!

So thank you for being so patient with me as I work through these kinks. More posts will be forthcoming!! With more creativity!!

Have a great rest of your night, and happy crafting!

Hugs and Blessings,

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Home and Being Sick (Allergies)

Hello Crafty Friends,

Well, vacation was so relaxing and the seven days on the ship was amazing for the most part. Enjoyed a couple of ports of call much more than the other two. And cannot wait for the day that we fly back to one to spend even more time on the island. Yes, I am glad to be home though! However since returning, I have dealt with an allergy related headache. Yesterday it was all but gone finally. Yay! And today it seems to be (shhhhhh) gone.

Our home for the seven days was the Carnival Conquest and we stopped in Grand Turk; San Juan, Puerto Rico; St Thomas, USVI; and Amber Cove, Dominican Republic before returning to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Mike and I enjoyed our balcony stateroom, and it was at the front of the ship, which meant long walks some days. LoL

Conquest (1).jpg


balcony (1)


I will have a craft blog up later today. 🙂    Thank you for your patience as I re-acclimated to being home and dealing with some other tenant issues on to of my allergy headache. You all are the best!

I may post more cruise photos next week.

Until later…. happy creating… and it’s more than just ink on paper… it’s also the passion!!

Hugs and Blessings,

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Hidden Gems Found Among Us


Hello Friends,

Have you ever felt a tad bit off?  Just having one of those mornings when you know that you are all right, however just can’t shake that feeling? Then out of the blue, your phone alerts notifying you that you have a new Facebook Message. It’s from someone who became very dear to our family while Daddy spent his 9 week ordeal in the VA Hospital before the series of in and out stays over the course of the year and half to follow. We shall call her *A* and protect her identity in case she wishes not to be known.  *A* was one of Daddy’s nurses at the hospital and quickly became much more. She would joke around with Daddy, and it became a joke for her to toss socks from the doorway into the room each day. Mom and Daddy got to know *A* and learned she was a single mother, raising her son alone, after her husband’s passing. Now *A* and I got along however we never really clicked until birthdays came up one day. I jokingly said that September is the best month because my birthday fell then. *A* said hers was too. So of course, I asked what day, and was surprised when we both realized we shared the same birthday. She is just a few years older than me. After that, *A* and I became very close. Every day she would fill us in on her and her son’s life. and we would tell her ours. Even after Daddy was released, she and I kept in touch, and Mom and I would go up to say hi on days Daddy had a procedure in another part of the campus. After all. *A* was now family. She is the type of nurse that truly cares for her patients, and does more than just check on their well being. She makes sure that they are as confortable as possible, and that their stay uder her care is as well as possibly can be.  (As well any family that may be staying or visiting the patient.)

The day Mom and I went up to give *A* the heart breaking news about Daddy’s passing, she was working on her usual unit. We happened to catch her alone, and broke the news about Daddy. She immediately teared up, and informed Mom and I that it was also the anniversary day of her husband’s passing. Another thread of our lives binding us together even more.

Every year on 30 July, *A* always takes a moment to let me know she is thinking of me. Used to be thinking of me and Mom, until a year ago when we suddenly lost Mom too. *A*’s compassion is beyond explaining, and I can never express the gratitude I hold for this extraordinary woman.

Yes, I am blessed to have *A* in my life still. And I will always be thankful for her, and although a not so happy situation brought us togther, I never doubt that we were not meant to cross paths. No, it was meant to be.

*A*, again thank you for your uplifting message. It is because of friends like you that make ife so fantastic.

Happy Saturday, everyone. May your day be as blessed as mine has been.

Until next time….

Hugs and Blessings,