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Most definitely was Friday the 13th!

Hello dear Crafty Friends and friends to be,

Today, or should I say yesterday at this point, was a strange day indeed. Normally I do not fall victim to all the hub bub about it being Friday the 13th. However, it sure ended up *being one of those days*!!

Started as it usually does- alarm going off- even though one of us is already awake- at 0530. Mike left for work little before 0630, forgetting to take the trash to the curb for TRASH DAY. I laid in bed a while longer with the one cat and dog before pulling myself from beneath my comfortable spot under the covers, and headed to the shower. SO far- all is good. Was showered, dressed, and ready to head to my nail appt well before I needed to be. (I should have went Thursday as originally planned.) That went smoothly. It wasn’t until after I ran a couple errands and had lunch that things started to shift some for this day.

As I was in the bathroom doing my hair, I felt like it was getting a tad bit warm in there. Checked the AC setting and it was set at 77 but was reading 79. Red flag goes up! I turn off AC for a bit, trying to reset system as I have always done before. Go back to working on my hair; however it was getting even warmer. So I turn AC back on, and attempted to lower the temperature. I let Mike know, who is already stressed over the pain he was experiencing with his back again at work. (Long story for another day if you do not know the back story on his back). I finish adding the color to my hair, and then preceded to turn AC off once again. No need to have on if not working. Now, in Florida in mid- July. this could be a very bad outcome. Lucky for us, we have two huge oak trees that shadow the house, so it was not as bad as it seems in here. Yet as day settled into late afternoon/ early evening, it did begin to get warmer, hitting 84 by 1800. Yeah- warm if you think about it. We went to dinner- to cool off. 🙂 Anyhow- the AC is still not functioning as it should, and Mike will look at it after he gets off of work again today. Meanwhile, I am glad to be heading to Apollo  Beach for the day to spend it with friends. We have fans in every room, so the house will stay where it is, keeping the animals comfy. (plus we have tiled floors, and they all love to lay on them.)

A few other small things happened on this awesome Friday the 13th, but I won’t bore you with them. I was so busy dealing with the AC and all, that I completely forgot to set my blog post for you. And I did not want to disappoint. I do not have a project to share with you, but instead a video from our home office or as we call it- the Journey Station.  This video talks about the making of our new INSPIRATION BOOK and CATALOG 2018-19/ (You can get your own here. Or you can look at the online flip book version here. )
Enjoy this video, and I will be back next week with some more crafty goodness for you all!

Link to YouTube video : FSJ Creating the Catalog

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Have a great weekend, and happy crafting!!

Hugs and Blessings,

FSJ Independent Journey Coach
#99- Executive Leader

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